Publications of Dan’s Lab in Peer-reviewed International Journals

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Works of Applied Cognitive Neuroscience Lab. at Chuo University 


4)   Nagashima, M., Dan, I., Monden, Y., Dan, H., , Tsuzuki, D., Mizutani, T., Kyutoku, Y., Gunji, Y., Momoi, M. Y., Watanabe, E., Yamagata, T.
Neuropharmacological effect of methylphenidate on attention network in children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder during oddball paradigms as assessed using fNIRS.
Neurophotonics. in press (2014).

3) Byun, K., Hyodo, K., Suwabe, K., Ochi, G., Sakairi, Y., Kato, M., Dan, I., Soya, H.
Positive effect of acute mild exercise on executive function via arousal-related prefrontal activations: An fNIRS study.
NeuroImage, in press (2014).

$2) Uga, M., Saito, T., Sano, T., Yokota, H., Oguro, K., Rizki, E.E., Mizutani, T., Katura, T., Dan, I., Watanabe, E.
Direct cortical hemodynamics mapping of somatotopy of pig nostril sensation by functional Near-infrared Cortical Imaging (fNCI).
NeuroImage, 91, 138-145 (2014)

$1) Matsui, M., Homae, F., Tsuzuki, D., Watanabe, H. Katagiri, M., Uda, S., Nakashima, M., Dan, I., Taga, G.
Referential framework for transcranial anatomical correspondence for fNIRS based on manually traced sulci and gyri of an infant brain.
Neuroscience Research, 80, 55-68 (2014)


8) Kimura, A., Wada, Y., Masuda, T., Goto, S., Tsuzuki, D., Hibino, H., Cai, D. S., Dan, I.
Memory color effect induced by familiarity of brand logos.
PLoS One
, 8(7), e68474 (2013)

$7) Dan H, $Dan I, Sano T, Kyutoku Y, Oguro K, Yokota H, Tsuzuki D, Watanabe E.
Language-specific cortical activation patterns for verbal fluency tasks in Japanese as assessed by multichannel functional near-infrared spectroscopy.
Brain and Language
, 126, 208-216 (2013)

$6) $Tsuzuki, D., $Dan, I.
Spatial registration for functional near-infrared spectroscopy: from channel position on the scalp to cortical location in individual and group analyses.
, 85 (1), 92-103 (2013)

5) Nakano, K., Kyutoku, Y., Sawa, M., Matsumura, S., Dan, I., Fushiki, T.
Analyzing comprehensive palatability of cheese products by multivariate regression to its subdomains.
Food Science and Nutrition
, 1 (5), 369-376 (2013)

Works of Functional Brain Science Lab. at Jichi Medical University

4) Masuda T, Wada Y, Okamoto M, Kyutoku Y, Yamaguchi Y, Kimura A, Kobayakawa T, Kawai T, Dan I, Hayakawa F.
Superiority of experts over novices in trueness and precision of concentration estimation of sodium chloride solutions.
Chem Senses. 38(3), 251-8 (2013).

3) Saito T, Uga M, Tsuzuki D, Yokota H, Oguro K, Yamamoto T, Dan I, Watanabe E.
Effect of anesthesia on trigeminal somatosensory evoked magnetic fields.
J Neurosci Methods
,15;212(1),100-5 (2013)

2) Watanabe, H., Homae, F., Nakano, T., Tsuzuki, D., Enkhtur, L., Nemoto, K., Dan, I., and Taga, G.
Effect of auditory input on activations in infant diverse cortical regions during audiovisual processing.
Human Brain Mapping
, 34(3), 543-565 (2013)

$1) Okamoto, M., $Dan, I.
Extrinsic information influences taste and flavor perception: A review from psychological and neuroimaging perspectives.
Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology, 24, 247-255 (2013)




13) Kimura, A., Dan, I., Watanabe, N., Yamada, H., Wada, Y.
Reaction time as an indicator of stimulus-response binding in affective judgment of visual stimuli.
Japanese Psychological Research
, 54 (4), 335-347 (2012)

$12) Otsuka, T., Dan, H., $Dan, I., Sase, M., Sano, T., Tsuzuki, D., Sasaguri, K., Okada, N., Kusama, M., Jinbu, Y., and Watanabe, E.
Effect of anesthesia on trigeminal somatosensory evoked magnetic fields.
J Dental Res
, 91(12), 1196-201 (2012)

$11) Monden, Y., Dan, H., Nagashima, M., $Dan, I., Tsuzuki, D., Kyutoku, Y., Gunji, Y., Yamagata, T., Watanabe, E., Momoi, M.Y.
Right prefrontal activation as a neuro-functional biomarker for monitoring acute effects of methylphenidate in ADHD children: An fNIRS study.
NeuroImage:Clinical,1(1), 131-140 (2012)

10) Okamoto, M., Kyutoku, Y., Sawada, M., Clowney, L., Watanabe, E., Dan, I., and Kawamoto, K.
Health numeracy in Japan: measures of basic numeracy account for framing bias in a highly numerate population.
BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making
, 12, 104 (2012).

9) Hyodo, K., Dan, I., Suwabe, K., Kyutoku, Y., Yamada, Y., Akahori, M., Byun, K., Kato, M., and Soya, H.
Acute moderate exercise enhances compensatory brain activation in older adults.
Neurobiology of Aging
, 33(11), 2621-32 (2012)

8) Cooper, R. J., Caffini, M., Dubb, J., Custo, A., Tsuzuki, D., Fischl, B., Wells, W. III, Dan, I., Boas, D. A.
Validating atlas-guided DOT: a comparison of diffuse optical tomography informed by atlas and subject-specific anatomies.
NeuroImage, 62(3): 1999-2006 (2012)

$7) Moriai-Izawa, A., Dan, H., $Dan, I., Sano, T., Oguro, K., Yokota, H., Tsuzuki, D., and Watanabe, E.
Multichannel fNIRS assessment of overt and covert confrontation naming.
Brain and Language
, 121(3):185-93 (2012)

6) Kimura, A., Wada, Y., Asakawa, A., Masuda, T., Goto, S., Dan, I., and Oka, T.
Dish influences implicit gender-based food stereotypes among young Japanese adults.
Appetite, 58(3), 940-5 (2012)

$5) $Kyutoku, Y., Tada, R., Umeyama, T., Harada, K., Kikuchi, S., Watanabe, E., Liegey-Dougall, A., $Dan, I.
Cognitive and Psychological Reactions of the General Population Three Months After the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.
PLoS ONE, 7(2), e31014 (2012)

$4) Tsuzuki, D., Cai, D. S., Dan, H., Kyutoku, Y., Fujita, A., Watanabe, E. and $Dan, I.
Stable and convenient spatial registration of stand-alone NIRS data through anchor-based probabilistic registration.
Neuroscience Research
, 72(2), 163-71 (2012)

$3) Kyutoku, Y., Minami, Y., Koizumi, T., Okamoto, M., Kusakabe, Y., $Dan, I.
Conceptualization of food choice motives and consumption among Japanese in light of meal, gender, and age effects.
Food Quality and Preference
, 24, 213-7 (2012)

2) Mizutani, N., Dan, I., Kyotoku, Y., Tsuzuki, D., Clowney, L., Kusakabe, Y., Okamoto, M., and Yamanaka, T.
Package images modulate flavors in memory: Incidental learning of fruit juice flavors.
Food Quality and Preference
, 24, 92-98 (2012)

$1) Monden, Y., Dan, H., Nagashima, M., $Dan, I., Kyutoku, Y., Okamoto, M., Yamagata, T., Momoi, Y. M., and Watanabe, E.
Clinically-oriented monitoring of acute effects of methylphenidate on cerebral hemodynamics in ADHD children using fNIRS.
Clinical Neurophysiology
, 123,1147-1157, (2012)



7) Kimura, A., Dan, I., Watanabe, N., Yamada, H., and Wada, Y.
Reaction time as an indicator of stimulus-response binding in affective judgment of visual stimuli.
Japanese Psychological Research,15, 335-47, (2011)

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Effects of environmental context on temporal perception bias in apparent motion.
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Sound to language: Different cortical processing for first and second languages in elementary school children as revealed by a large-scale study using fNIRS.
Cerebral Cortex, 21, 2374-93 (2011)

4) Nemoto, K., Dan, I., Rorden, C., Ohnishi, T., Tsuzuki, D., Okamoto, M., Yamashita, F., Asada, T.
Lin4Neuro: a customized Linux distribution ready for neuroimaging analysis.
BMC Med Imaging, 11, 3 (2011)

$3) Kimura, A., Kuwazawa, S., Wada, Y., Kyutoku, Y., Okamoto, M., Yamaguchi, Y., Masuda, T., $Dan, I.
Conjoint analysis on the purchase intent for traditional fermented soy product (Natto) among Japanese housewives.
Journal of Food Science, 76, S217-24 (2011)

2) Okamoto, M., Wada, Y., Yamaguchi, Y., Kyutoku, Y., Clowney, L., Singh, A. K., and Dan, I.
Process-specific prefrontal contributions to episodic encoding and retrieval of tastes: a functional NIRS study.
NeuroImage, 54, 1578-88 (2011)

1) Watanabe, Y., Tanaka, H., Dan, I., Sakurai, K., Kimoto, K., Takashima, R., and Hirata, K.
Monitoring cortical hemodynamic changes after sumatriptan injection during migraine attack by near-infrared spectroscopy.
Neuroscience Research, 69, 60-6 (2011)



$7) Kimura A, Wada Y, Kamada A, Masuda T, Okamoto M, Goto S, Tsuzuki D, Cai D, Oka T, $Dan I
Interactive effects of carbon footprint information and its accessibility on value and subjective qualities of food products.
Appetite 55, 271-8, 2010.

$6) Kimura A, Wada Y, Ohshima K, Yamaguchi Y, Tsuzuki D, Oka T, $Dan I
Eating habits in childhood relate to preference for traditional diets among young Japanese.
Food Qual Preference 21, 843-8, 2010.

$5) Mizutani N, Okamoto M, Yamaguchi Y, Kusakabe K, $Dan I, Yamanaka T
Package images modulate flavor perception for orange juice.
Food Qual Preference 21, 868-72, 2010

4) Burnstein IH, Rush AJ, Suppes T, Kyutoku Y, Warden D. The quick inventory of depressive symptomatology (clinician and self-report versions) in patients with bipolar disorder. CNS Spectr 15, 248-256, 2010.

Works of National Food Research Institute

3) Yanagisawa, H., Dan, I., Tsuzuki, D., Kato, M., Okamoto, M., Kyutoku, Y., and Soya, H.
Acute Moderate Exercise Elicits Increased Dorsolateral Prefrontal Activation and Improves Cognitive Performance with Stroop Test.
Neuroimage, 50, 1702-10(2010)

2) Wada, Y., Arce-Lopera, C., Masuda, T., Kimura, A., Dan, I., Goto, S., Tsuzuki, D., and Okajima, K.
Influence of luminance distribution on the appetisingly fresh appearance of cabbage.
Appetite, 54, 363-8(2010)

1) Kimura, A., Wada, Y., Yang, J., Otsuka, Y., Dan, I., Masuda, T., Kanazawa, S., and Yamaguchi, M. K.
Infants’ recognition of objects using canonical color.
J Exp Child Psychol, 105, 256-263(2010)


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Effect of duration of acute moderate exercise on exericse-elicited cortical activation and cognitive performance on Stroop task: a preliminary examination.
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7) Custo, A., Boas, D. A., Tsuzuki, D., Dan, I., Mesquita, R., Bruce, F., Grimson, W., and Wells, W.
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$6) Okamoto, M., Wada, Y., Yamaguchi, Y., Kimura, A., Dan, H., Masuda, T., Singh, A. K., Clowney, L., and $Dan I.
Influences of Food-Name Labels on Perceived Tastes.
Chemical Senses, 34, 187-94 (2009)

$5) Kimura, A., Wada, Y., Goto, S. I., Tsuzuki, D., Cai, D., Oka, T., and $Dan I.
Implicit gender-based food stereotypes: semantic priming experiments on young Japanese.
Appetite, 52, 521-4 (2009)

$4) Okamoto, M., Tuzuki, D., Clowney, L., Dan, H., Singh, A. K., and $Dan I.
Structural atlas-based spatial registration for functional near-infrared. spectroscopy enabling inter-study data integration.
Clinical Neurophsiology, 120, 1320-28 (2009)

$3) Okamoto M, Dan, H. Clowney, L., Yamaguchi Y. and $Dan I.
Activation in ventro-lateral prefrontal cortex during the act of tasting: an fNIRS study.
Neuroscience Letters,451, 129-33 (2009)

2) Wada, Y., Shirai, N., Otsuka, Y., Midorikawa, A., Kanazawa, S., Dan, I., and Yamaguchi, M. K.
Sound enhances detection of visual target during infancy: A study using illusory contours.
Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 102, 315-22 (2009)

1) Minagawa-Kawai, Y., Matsuoka, S., Dan, I., Naoi, N., Nakamura, K., and Kojima, S.
Prefrontal Activation Associated with Social Attachment: Facial-Emotion Recognition in Mothers and Infants.
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Scope of resampling-based tests in fNIRS neuroimaging data analysis.
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Consumer valuation of packaged foods. Interactive effects of amount and accessibility of information.
Appetite, 51 (3), 628-634 (2008)

3) Kubota, M., Inouchi, M., Dan, I., Tsuzuki, D., Ishikawa, A., and Scovel, T.
Fast (100-175 ms) components elicited bilaterally by language production as measured by three-wavelength optical imaging.
Brain Research,1226, 124-133 (2008)

2) Wu, X., Carr, H. S., Dan, I., Ruvolo, P. P., and Frost, J. A.
p21 activated kinase 5 activates Raf-1 and targets it to mitochondria.
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NeuroImage, 40 (3),1340-1349 (2008), TC=6


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Signaling by the kinase MINK is essential in the negative selection of autoreactive thymocytes.
Nature Immunology 6, 65-72 (2005)



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Multimodal assessment of cortical activation during apple peeling by NIRS and fMRI.
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$2) Okamoto, M., Dan, H., Sakamoto, K., Takeo, K., Shimizu, K., Kohno, S., Oda, I., Isobe, S., Suzuki, T., Kohyama, K., and $Dan, I.
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1) Dan, H., Watanabe, H., Dan, I. and Kohyama, K.
Effects of textural changes in cooked apples on the human bite and instrumental tests.
Journal of Texture Studies 34, 499-514 (2004)


Works before 2002

$5) $Dan, I., Watanabe, N.M., Kajikawa, E., Ishida, T., Pandey, A. and Kusumi, A.
Overlapping of MINK and CHRNE gene loci in the course of mammalian evolution.
Nucleic Acids Research 30, 2906-2910 (2002)


Nagoya University

$4) Pandey, A.#, $Dan, I.#, Kristiansen, T.Z., Watanabe, N.M., Voldby, J., Kajikawa, E., Khosravi-Far, R., Blagoev, B. and Mann, M. (#Equal contribution)
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Oncogene 21, 3939-3948 (2002)

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